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When it comes to investing in a Mediterranean holiday property, Greece is an ideal country to focus your search on. Conveniently situated near the centre of the region, on the crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa, it provides easy access to every other destination around the Mediterranean, from Bodrum to Capri and beyond.

As a property owner in Greece you will be enjoying the many privileges the country has to offer, including its relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, its more than 250 days of sunshine annually, its unparalleled cultural treasures and natural beauties, its sophisticated hospitality, its thousands of islands, and what many consider to be the apotheosis of Mediterranean cuisine.

Greece is a member of the European Union and the Eurozone, a status concomitant of all the benefits (political stability, westernised society, internal unified market, customs union, single currency, freedom of movement etc.) enjoyed by the union’s 27 member countries. This sets Greece clearly apart from other Mediterranean countries that are popular holiday destinations but are not members of the EU.

Through the Greek Golden Visa programme, non-EU citizens have the opportunity to acquire a residence permit in Greece if they meet certain investment criteria. Please refer to enterprisegreece.gov.gr for more information.


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Paros is one of the largest islands in the Cyclades, the famed archipelago just southeast of Athens consisting of 220 islands. The glorious sea landscapes and sunsets of the Cyclades, together with their millennia-old history, pristine beaches, and exciting food culture, are some of the reasons why these islands are among the most-visited destinations in Europe.


Paros’s central location in the Cyclades makes for an ideal base to explore some of Greece’s most popular destinations. Mykonos is a mere 20 nautical miles away, while Santorini, one of the world’s most-visited islands, is 40 nautical miles to the south. Right next to Paros lies the tiny island of Antiparos, a well-kept secret amongst Greece’s dedicated holiday-makers. Countless other islands, each with its own unique beauties, are scattered all around Paros.


Paros is exceptionally well-connected via sea and air not only with nearby islands, but also with Athens and Thessaloniki. The local airport is set to become international by 2025, allowing even better connectivity with countries outside the Schengen Area, such as Israel. Most of the Cyclades are easily accessible from Paros by RIB or yacht, and the island is also home to two marinas and many other smaller anchorages that can accommodate private vessels. The Aegean coast of Turkey, mainland Greece, and the island of Crete lie within 1 hour by helicopter.


Paros boasts a unique combination of coastal and mountainous landscapes, where visitors can enjoy a variety of activities outdoors. From swimming and kitesurfing on the beaches, to hiking ancient shepherd’s paths and exploring the island’s numerous mountain villages and monasteries by car, Paros is an all-season destination that never ceases to amaze and delight.

Culture & Leisure

Paros has a remarkable history that stretches thousands of years back, with episodes featuring gods, kings, pirates, crusaders, Venetian dukes, Ottoman admirals, and many others. Since antiquity, the island has been famous for its white marble, which is of exceptional brilliance and has been used to create some of the world’s most famous Greek sculptures, such as the Venus di Milo and the Nike of Samothrace. Paros is a history buff’s paradise, dotted with important landmarks such as the Ekatontapiliani Byzantine church, venetian castles, and excavated archaeological sites. Paros has also become a popular athleisure destination, since some of its beaches offer the ideal conditions for world-class kitesurfing.


It’s hard not to fall in love with Greek cuisine, and Paros is one of the places where you can savour it at its very best. Fresh, local produce, fish from the Greek seas, local meats, wild herbs and plants, and wine are all brought together to create unique dining experiences that change with the seasons. Exploring local vineyards and farms can also offer opportunities to taste authentic products at the source.


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Lageri is situated on a peninsula on the northeast tip of Paros, embedded in a unique landscape of pristine beaches and tiny islands. It’s situated within a sheltered bay with lagoon-like waters that offers some of the most spectacular sunsets in the Mediterranean. It’s a location of immense natural beauty, as well as an important habitat for migratory birds and endemic plants.

The lively town and fishing harbour of Naoussa is just a few minutes to the west and the popular beach of Santa Maria is a stone’s throw to the east. The main town of Parikia, one of Greece’s most picturesque island towns, is also a short drive away. In Lâgeri one can also find Siparos, which is considered to be by many the best restaurant in Paros.

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